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Pay $0 processing fees

Pay ZERO processing fees.

MBN partners with DuoPriceList to save you thousands on your credit card processing fees.
cash discount program
Duo price list

DuoPriceList is a fully-complaint Cash Discount Software that integrates with your merchant account and POS system.

What is cash discount?

You’ve seen it at the gas pump – two sets of prices – and now it’s available to you.

Cash Discount is a Dual-Pricing system… through this system you can offer customers a discount for paying in cash. For those customers who wish to pay with a card, the processing fees are including in that price; hence the name. Any fees collected are automatically applied to your account, saving you thousands of dollars. Just post the compliant dual pricing signage in your store advertising your cash discount program.

Why our cash discount is different.

Many cash discount programs out there are NOT in compliance!! 

Old Way: Takes the cash price and adds a SERVICE FEE which becomes the card price. This service fee is shown on the customer receipt, creating negative customer reactions. This is not compliant.

Duo Way: Takes the credit card price and creates a CASH PRICE based on the discount the merchant wants to give customer. No fee is shown on the receipt. This is 100% legal and complaint.

Risk Free

Try our Cash Discount Program with your customers with no obligation, switching back is easy

Fast Setup

Setup is quick and hassle-free, and works with many POS systems – our online portal is easy to navigate

Legally Vetted

MBN’s Cash Discount Program is 100% legal and compliant, allowing you to benefit by offsetting costs

Save Thousands

You simply post your Dual Pricing signage at your place of business and you’re set to start saving

Start Saving Today!

Accept credit cards without paying all the fees! Watch the video below to find out more!!

Setup is as easy as…

Merchants key in their PRODUCTS + PRICING on our website

Merchants display DUAL PRICING signage throughout their store

Merchants set up their PAYMENT EQUIPMENT – we do the rest!

Still have questions?
Use our chat below, or use the icons    in the top right menu to call or email us.

Still not sure?

Hear from a recent customer about what Cash Discount has done for them

“Very happy with MBN. We LOVE the cash discount program. They signed us up onto this about 7 months ago. Our processing fees were $2,500 a month minimum! Now we’re paying less than $50 a month. Our profit margins are not huge, so the extra cash flow really helps a lot. Definitely worth your time to check them out.”

– Amber & Ray of Victory Gymnastics Academy
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