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Customer Service

Merchants Bancard Network debits your bank account for the previous months’ processing fees between the 2nd and 5th of every month.

We will need a copy of a pre-printed voided check on your new deposit account, plus your signature for verification purposes.  You can mail this check and signature to us at Merchants Bancard Network, Inc.  27965 Smyth Drive Suite 101.  Valencia, CA 91355.  If you do not have any checks yet for your new deposit account, please call us to discuss another possible option toll free at 1-877-871-4629.

Merchants must not use their own credit cards, and/or any cards they are authorized to use to process transactions at their own merchant locations, or through their electronic terminals.  This use is deemed a cash advance, which constitutes a contract violation, and is prohibited by Visa®/MasterCard® and can result in termination of your merchant account.

A chargeback is the reversal of a previous transaction in which the cardholder or card issuer disputes the transaction.  MBN will also receive a chargeback from the card issuer when they feel a merchant has violated a standard Visa®/MasterCard® Operating Regulation.  Common reasons for chargebacks are not having receipt of a requested item, a return credit not processed, duplicate processing where a cardholder was charged double, and missing imprints or or failure to obtain a magnetic swipe of the credit card.  More detailed information can be found in our MBN Merchant Handbook.

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa.  In an effort to provide increased security for customers, new credit card technology called EMV has been developed.  EMV refers to the creation of something called chip and pin or smart cards.  Instead of a magnetic stripe, EMV cards store sensitive data on a computer chip embedded inside the card itself.  Merchants are required to be able to accept these cards beginning in October, 2015.

Technical Support

A condition exists with the cardholder’s account that requires special handling. The merchant must contact the Voice Authorization Center for instructions about how to proceed. Please call for MasterCard and Visa 800-228-1122, for Amex 800-528-2121 and for Discover 800-347-1111

Check the phone line or Ethernet cable and make sure they are plugged in securely to the machine and to the wall or router. Unplug the credit card terminal and wait a few seconds then power it back up and try the sale again. Sometimes the basic reset of the terminal is all that is needed. Check phone line for a dial tone or reset the router if processing over IP. If problem persist, please call us at (877) 871-4629.

We have 24/7 technical support available by calling 1-800-228-0210. Please have your merchant number available.

You may find the merchant account number in the top left of your merchant statement. It was also disclosed in your welcome kit package/letter/email.

Here is a document that outlines the different AVS response codes and what they mean.

The CVV code is the 3 or 4 digit card verification code that is on the back of all Visa\Mastercard. Please see the document below for a listing of CVV response codes and what they mean.