MBN offers our Partners customized tools and resources that you need to make sales. Every Partner needs tools that work for their sales methods; every merchant needs individualized plans. We have developed the best tools for you to complete every sale.

How It Works

At MBN, we want our partners to have every possible resource available for making account signing a seamless process. You make the sale and submit the application; we take it from there. You have more time to focus on sales because we take care of everything else.


Simply submit the application via fax, email, or e-signature. The application will be entered and reviewed by our team.


Applications are generally reviewed the day they are submitted. You may have an answer within hours of your submission.


The MBN in-house deployment team ships a preprogrammed terminal directly to the merchant or the Partner’s preferred address. The technical support team takes over to answer any of the merchant’s questions.

The Most Agent Friendly Programs Out There

At MBN, we want you to make more money and maintain your customers longer.  We realize that the more time you spend dealing with customer support the less time that you have to drive new business.  We give you the support and resources you need to grow and to make the money you deserve.

Outstanding Support
for Partners

We are here for you and your merchants, 24/7.

Upfront Bonus
for Partners

You receive a bonus for simply signing a new account.

Sizeable Residuals
for Partners

Residuals of up to 100%, on top of your bonus.

Competitive Rates
for Merchants

Our professionals have negotiated the best rates for you.

American Express
Opt Blue for Merchants

An elite Amex program recently made available for small businesses. Merchants have one statement, one settlement, with simplified processing.

24-Hour Customer Service
for Merchants

Merchants can reach an MBN customer service advisor whenever they need one.

Tools and Resources


Your online portal is like a portable office. Access applications, statements, comments, account information, email, and more.


Understanding statements can cause some confusion. Our team will break down the numbers so it all makes sense.


You call for help, we answer. No endless menus or mechanized voices – real people.


Receive the most up-to-date information in the payment processing industry.


We have every possible need covered: Underwriting, Deployment, and Technical Support all under one roof.

Question about Becoming a Partner?

To know more benefits of being our partner write to us at [email protected]