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November 19, 2014

Picking a payment gateway provider

A payment gateway provider is a necessity in the world of ecommerce. The function of the gateway provider is to authorize and process credit card, debit card and other types of electronic payments between you and your customers. Choosing the best gateway provider for your business can be a daunting task. Factors that you need to consider when making your decision include:


  • sign-up and transaction fees
  • countries and currencies that are supported
  • on-site vs off-site payment processing
  • level of customer support
  • type of products that you can sell
  • payout policy
  • fraud detection and prevention


Merchants Bancard Network has been serving clients in the card processing industry for over 20 years. MBN is committed to providing its customers with the most effective and secure gateways available. Merchants Bancard is a full service provider to merchants across the United States, from restaurants, medical facilities, retailers and franchises to e-commerce sites and on-the-go service companies. In addition, they provide nationwide credit and debit card processing,online shopping carts, Echecks and more.

Are they all the same?

Of course, not all gateway providers are created equal. A very important consideration when choosing a merchant payment gateway is whether or not it can be used with integrations and and add-ons such as shopping carts, POS and billing solutions that you are currently using or are planning to use in your business at some time in the future.

Merchants Bancard offers a wide variety of payment solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs at a price that you can’t beat. Their payment solution account specialists can help you discover the perfect equipment whether you are in the market for countertop, wireless, or mobile units. They offer new and used point of sale equipment and peripherals from all the major manufacturers and can help you choose the system that will be compatible with the technology that you are currently using or would like to use in the future.

You shouldn’t have to worry about security

Accepting transactions online involves a level of risk, so it is very important to choose a payment gateway company that you and your customers can trust to keep sensitive personal data secure and out of the hands of data thieves. MBN knows how to handle cardholder data. They believe that privacy and control of sensitive customer data should be a top priority in any successful business strategy. Therefore, they have established a secure, cloud-based credit card processing network – no third party vendors are involved. MBN will provide you with educational materials as well as training that you can use to help reassure customers as to the safety of their card data.

As a merchant, your first and foremost responsibility is to protect all customer data during a credit card transaction. All businesses accepting credit card payments are required to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Call Merchant Bancard Network at 877-871-4629 to learn how their merchant services can help keep your business running smoothly.