We WIll Pay You $500!

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We WIll Pay You $500!

Here’s how it Works.

It is really easy, just email or fax us your statements and we will get back to you within two business days. If we cannot beat your current rates, we will give you $500. No hassles, No gimmicks. Make sure to include your contact information with your statement, so we know where to send your money.


2 consecutive months of processing statements. Statements that are older than 3 months of date of submission are not eligible (i.e. if we are in July 2020 only months after March 2020 will be accepted).

The provided information must me official statements that disclose rates, and have no missing pages.

Email Directions/Form.

Send an email to: [email protected] with the subject line “Beat My Rate”. Include your name and title, company name, mailing address, and telephone number in case we have questions. Attach the information outlined above. We will respond within xx days with your results.

Fax Directions/Form.

Send an fax to: 1-661-702-8811 with  a cover sheet addressed to Beat My Rate Program. Include “Beat My Rate” in the subject or “re.”  line. Add the above required statements to your fax. We will respond with in xx days with your results.