18 Apr

Choosing a merchant service provider

All small businesses need to have some type of credit and debit card processing. If you’re in the market for a merchant service provider, you may find the search process to be overwhelming. But, ultimately, your decision should be based upon your customers’ preferences and your pocketbook.

Merchant service providers offer services that enable your business to process credit and debit card payments from your customers. Think of them as the “middleman” between your bank account and that of your customer. They facilitate the transfer of funds between the two accounts.

The type of merchant service provider that is best for your business depends upon your specific situation. Many of today’s merchants are conducting their business online so it is vital that they have a stable and secure payment gateway in today’s world of increased electronic theft and credit card fraud. If you’re a brick and mortar retailer, you’re going to want to consider the type and quality of hardware including POS terminals, credit card swipers and PIN Pads that a merchant service provider has to offer.

Merchants Bancard Network, the leader in secure, completely in-house payment solutions, is committed to providing your business with the most secure payment gateways in the industry. MBN has been servicing businesses in the credit card processing industry for over 20 years. With MBN, you get the services of a company that listens to your specific needs and provides the expertise and reliability to help you get the job done.

Customers can be assured that MBN offers the most up-to-date technologies available. They offer new and used POS equipment and peripherals from all of the major manufacturers. The payment solution account specialists at Merchants can help you choose the perfect equipment and benefits for your customers.

Rates the fit your business needs

Another consideration when selecting a merchant service provider are the fees and monthly costs involved for setting up your merchant account. The fees that a provider charges are based on the volume of transactions and the total amount of revenue that is generated as well as the type of credit cards you take.

Rates can vary depending on whether you are going to process payment through an online shopping cart, at a brick and mortar location, over the phone, or a combination of all three. When comparing fees and rates between providers, make sure that you ask questions about installation, programming and annual fees. Will you need to sign a lease or contract? Are there cancellation fees? Are their fees and rate policies easy to understand?

Apply for an account that can grow with your business

If it’s time for you to choose an merchant service company, let MBN help you to set up your new merchant account with incredible rates. They are committed to making your business grow by offering a full line of products with the best pricing in the industry. You can depend on the knowledgeable customer service staff at MBN to answer all questions and help resolve any problems that should arise.

MBN has its own secure, cloud-based credit card processing network so you’ll never have to worry about customer data protection. No third party vendors are involved so you can be assured of maximum data protection. Apply online or call to sign up for your new merchant account.

3 Apr

Integrating your shipping softwarewith your merchant account

If you run an e-commerce business, you know that the number of credit card transactions that are done over the internet are growing in leaps and bounds. Now that you can keep your online store open 24/7, you need to be able to concentrate on your business without having to worry about logistical issues such as shipping. If you are using two separate systems and are entering customer data more than one time, this leads to an increased risk of errors which could cost you time and money.

By integrating shipping software into your payment platform system, you’ll save yourself time and money, and you’ll be able to focus your energy on your growing business as well as providing good customer service. Shipping software integration can help automate and streamline the shipping process by:

  • tracking shipments
  • prioritizing orders
  • monitoring inventory
  • coordinating purchase orders and invoicing
  • creating a link between product production and warehousing

More results with less work

Is your business struggling with inventory control? Are you having issues tracking the shipping and receiving of orders? Are you having trouble keeping up with the volume of orders? Is your customer service suffering from these problem? If the answer is “yes”, then it’s time for you to consider an “ERP” system.

With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, data from sales, inventory, accounting, shipping and warehousing are all integrated on a single database. With all of your business data consolidated onto one source, this frees you up to devote more time to building up your business and improving your customer base.

Merchants Bancard Network, a leader in secure, completely in-house payments solutions, is committed to providing the best possible service to its merchants. For over 20 years, Merchants Bancard Network has been serving clients in the card processing industry, providing flexible solutions designed specifically for the needs of their clients.

The support specialists at MBN can design and customize an ERP solution for you business that will help increase your productivity and efficiency by helping to manage your inventory, financials, supply chain and orders. Let Merchants Bancard Network help to streamline your business operations so you can make better decisions to help grow your business.

Start processing orders fast

Merchants Bancard Network is a company that listens to the needs of your business and provides the expertise and reliability to help to improve on your current operations. Integration software can completely change the way that you do business by helping to reduce costs, streamlining operations, improving inventory control, and automating payments which all lead to increased customer satisfaction. To successfully implement an ERP solution for your business requires the services of a merchant services provider that is knowledgeable and experienced in ERP solutions.

Merchants Bancard Network will help grow your business by offering a full line of products with customer service that you can depend on 24/7 and the best pricing in the industry. Call to talk to one of their friendly support staff about ERP solutions and software integration options for your business.

19 Mar

Enterprise level POS systems

Large companies with multiple locations need a point of sale system that has the capacity to collect and consolidate data from multiple locations. Enterprise pos systems are designed to do just that. On a real-time basis, they record, combine and interpret the large number of transactions happening company-wide. The owner can then access this information electronically — whether from one of the business sites or remotely.

Merchant Bancard Network (MBN) offers pos systems that accommodates the needs of their high volume merchant accounts. These systems are equipped to gather data on everything from the amount of revenue received in a particular time period to employee performance and more. They’re invaluable tools, allowing the owner access to key information from all of the business sites in one place.

Managing inventory with revenue at the same time

Your MBN agent can help you to select among the pos systems for enterprise level companies that best fits the needs of your industry. For example, if you’re in the retail business, you will want to choose a system that includes an inventory management program. This program will record every purchase and keep an up-to-date accounting of supply levels. Not only will this provide good feedback as to which products are moving and which aren’t, but will help prevent running out of a particular item.

MBN has a wide variety of new pos devices as well as used pos systems to choose from. Depending on the nature of your business and your finances, they will help you find the one that works best for you. And because the October, 2015 deadline to be able to accept smart cards is looming, MBN has EMV payment pos systems as well.

Contacting a representative for more information

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing point of sale equipment and software or starting anew, MBN has the answers. Our agents are dedicated to making sure the merchants they represent are equipped with the safest, most efficient payment and reporting systems on the market.

4 Mar

Sometimes simple is all you need

Thinking about starting a small business? One of the things that you’ll need to consider is how you are going to take payments from your customers. Today’s retail customers expect a full line of convenient and flexible payment options that offer fast checkout times. But, how do you go about choosing the right POS system to meet the needs of your new business? With so many systems to choose from, it can be a daunting task, but there are couple of key factors that you should keep in mind when deciding on a POS system.

First and foremost, the POS system that you select should be easy to set up and simple to use. Start with the basics such as POS software that will run on your PC, a “cash” drawer and a printer for receipts. Down the road, as your business grows, you can always add on “peripherals” as you need them. Your small business payment processing system should be affordable. A basic, preconfigured system can cost less than $2000, and many companies offer used POS equipment and peripherals as well as new POS systems. Make sure that you are buying your system software and equipment from a company that offers expert customer service if and when you need it.

Only the bells and whistles you’ll actually use

Merchants Bancard Network has been serving customers in the card processing industry for over 20 years. Specializing in designing customized payment processing systems to fit the needs of any business, their knowledgeable support staff will design a POS system that will help you to facilitate the checkout process using any of today’s devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops, or a mobile card reader integrated with your PC.

MBN offers new and used POS equipment and peripherals from all of the major manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for countertop, wireless, or mobile units, the payment solution specialists at MBN will help you find the type of solution for your business at a price that won’t “break your bank”..

Using mobile payment devices is one of the fastest-growing methods for processing credit and debit cards. The QuickPay Mobile Device, offered by MBN, is the safest and fastest way for customers to pay using an android, iPhone, or tablet. Mobile payment systems provide you with the ability to sell, refund, and pre-authorize transaction instantly. Customers can receive a paperless receipt sent directly to their email – no printer or paper required!

Getting your small business system up and running

Whether you decide to go with a more traditional POS system or a mobile payment device such as QuickPay, let the staff at Merchants Bancard Network design a simple POS system for your small business that will help you to keep track of sales, allow for better inventory control and provide a streamlined checkout process for your customers. Call them or apply online for a new merchant account today.

17 Feb

POS systems for 2015

Most merchants are aware by now that they will need to be able to accommodate mobile payments by October, 2015. This means that you’ll need to look into updating your point of sale (POS) system to be able to read devices such as smartphones and credit cards outfitted with a computer chip, known asEMV cards.

The good news for you as a merchant is that the modern POS systems can do a lot more than simply read these new payment methods. They provide a valuable service by recording and assimilating data real-time, and performing analysis on everything from inventory to the ROI on a particular product or service you offer.

Merchant Bancard Network (MBN) is not just a payment gateway service. They also offer the new most advanced POS systems and software you’ll need in order to meet the 2015 deadline for accepting the new payment methods. Your MBN agent can also assist you in your marketing efforts to inform your mobile consumers about this exciting change in payment technology on the horizon.

Mobile payment processing

The current mobile ecommerce trends are moving more and more toward a paperless economy. As a merchant, you are likely already accepting payments on your mobile website and submitting the receipt via email. But what about at your place of business? How can you update point of sale hardware to get in line with the paperless sales method?

More than 50% of Americans currently own smartphones, and some businesses have jumped on this trend by allowing their customers to use them to pay for purchases. An example is Starbucks; customer’s can load their store credit card onto their iphone or other device and scan it a the register to pay for purchases.

Before you can begin to accept payments made via smartphone, you’ll need to make sure that your point of sale equipment has a responsive design and can work will all the browsers on the market. MBN can help you set up a system that is not only capable of accepting mobile payments, but is safer and faster than the one that reads plastic credit cards.

Bringing your system up to date

In order to be ready for the new method of payment processing accounts in 2015, we recommend that you begin to look into updating your technology today. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you offer surf lessons on the beach, your consumers will be wanting to use their smartphone to pay you in the not too distant future.

Call MBN to find out about a pos systems that is capable of accepting mobile payments. Make sure you’re ready for this latest ecommerce trend by checking out the sleek systems MBN has available to you today.

2 Feb

Should you invest in new orused POS equipment

In order to stay competitive, businesses must constantly update their practices, incorporating the latest advances in customer service and convenience. Today, providing the most up-to-date retail technology means that businesses need to offer customers the option of paying from any area of the establishment. But retrofitting your business to utilize point of sale (POS) technology requires the purchase of additional equipment. So how can you get the best value for your investment?

Merchants Bancard Network, a premier merchant processing provider, offers two viable options for updating your payment receipt capabilities: new POS systems and used POS equipment. Determining which one is best for your business requires careful consideration of all of the options, weighing the pros and cons of each, while factoring in your company’s specific needs.

There are advantages to both

Both new POS equipment and used POS systems have distinct advantages. Used systems have a lower up-front cost, although you may have to pay a fee to have the unit relicensed and update the software. And while it is often difficult to know how the previous owner has used the unit and what the internal condition is, purchasing a used terminal can prove beneficial for some business owners. For example, customers who process over a phone-line only may benefit the most from MBN’s economically priced used inventory of dial-in models.

By contrast, new terminals tend to be more reliable in that they are both long lasting and generally guaranteed by the manufacturer. Additionally, some new credit card machines employ the latest technology and can run the most current software. But these models come with a higher price tag as well. Talking with an MBN representative about which option best fits your retail establishment or restaurant is the best way to make a decision on which route your business should take.

We can help find the match for you

If you are looking to update your credit card terminals, MBN can help. We offer both new and used POS systems, and will work with you to meet all of your specific business needs. MBN can retrofit your business to keep up with the latest technology, and help ensure that you are providing your customers with the best merchant processing services the industry has to offer. Contact a representative today to discuss the options. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

18 Jan

Cloud-based POS systems

If you are a small business owner, you may want to consider switching to a cloud-based point of sale system as your payment platform. Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are becoming more and more popular especially within the retail, travel and hospitality industries. Unlike traditional point-of-sale systems, you have the ability to access a cloud-based POS system directly from the internet using a variety of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Androids.

With cloud-based POS platforms the technology allows for the integration of a number of business and marketing tools into your POS system. Processing payments can now be done from anywhere, not just the checkout counter, and customers can have receipts sent directly to their e-mails – no more printers or paper needed. These systems can also integrate with accounting tools and digital gift card and loyalty programs which is a great marketing tool for your business.

All data with cloud-based payment solutions is stored online so the risk of data loss due to viruses and hardware system corruption is greatly reduced. Your costs are also reduced because you won’t have to pay for new system drivers for traditional POS systems which can result in the loss of precious revenue due to downtime for system repairs.

Perhaps the most important benefit to small business owners is the reduction in costs that come with cloud-based point-of-sale systems. A cloud-based POS has minimal or no upfront fees and low monthly fees ranging from $50 to $200. Processing charges may be fixed or based on a pay-per-swipe plan.

Convenience combined with security

In today’s technologically-driven society, business owners want to give their customers a full-line of convenient payment options. With cloud-based technology, businesses now have a flexible and reliable POS solution which is much more cost-effective.

Merchants Bancard Network has been a leader in the card processing industry for over 20 years. MBN is committed to delivering the most effective, secure payment gateways that are available. They are in the business of providing flexible solutions which are specifically designed to meet your business needs.

At Merchants Bancard Network, they take data security very seriously so have established their own private cloud – no third party vendors – just maximum data protection. At MBN their private cloud represents a commitment to secure cloud payments and protecting credit card payments as well as other customer transactions.

More than merchant services

Lower costs and reduced security risks are just some the benefits that make cloud-based point-of-sale systems more attractive to business owners when compared to traditional POS systems. Cloud-based credit card processing systems are less expensive due to reduced start-up costs and lower processing rates and monthly fees. They offer merchants that added convenience of being able to access customer data from anywhere using an internet connection.

AT MBN, their expert support staff will help design and customize a cloud-based POS system that is tailored to your business needs. To learn more about cloud-based technology or to apply for your MBN merchant account, call 877-871-4629 today.

3 Jan

Imagine your customer’s creditcard got stolen

The threat of hackers stealing customer’s credit card data and personal information is a concern for any business that accepts debit and credit card payments. As a merchant, when a customer runs his or her card through your point of sale equipment, it becomes your responsibility to keep their private information safe. Attacks can happen to any business, however, and can become a major liability.

In order to best protect yourself and your customers, it’s imperative to choose a merchant account service like Merchant Bancard Network (MBN) that offers secure credit card processing. MBN is constantly updating equipment and software to not only meet but exceed industry standards. We will also work with you to ensure the same level of safety is installed at the point of sale.

What would happen to your business?

Thanks to recent highly publicized hacking scandals, consumers are also worried about credit card processing security. They are thinking twice about sharing sensitive information necessary to complete online payments. Customers need your assurance that there are no security holes or other issues that would increase your vulnerability to a security breach.

MBN partners with our merchants to put secure payment gateway solutions in place. We also assist you in updating your current methods and point of sale equipment to improve security. We understand the impact it would have on your bottom line if consumers lose confidence in your company’s ability to protect them from fraud.

Are you a target?

Businesses that have been hacked are hit not only by the loss in revenue but with the increased cost of researching the problem and repairing their systems to ensure secure credit card data is no longer vulnerable.

The first step in protecting yourself and your customers is partnering with MBN to put payment security solutions in place.

19 Dec

Clover makes it easier than everto accept payments

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This oft repeated adage rings especially true when it comes to how your business appears to both new and returning customers. You’ve paid special attention to the design of the structure that houses your business, as well as to the fixtures and furniture within. You’ve carefully designed business cards, menus, signage, and your company logo. So why not be as conscientious about your payment system equipment? For discerning business owners determined to attend to every detail, the Clover point of sale system is where form and function collide.

The Clover POS terminal is an all-in-one system with which you can accept payments of all types. Sleek and modern, this brushed aluminum and white glass unit is as attractive as it is functional. In addition to accepting payments, the Clover allows retail establishments to keep a of list of customers’ previous purchases, track inventory, manage purchase orders, and run key reports at a moment’s notice. Restaurant owners will appreciate the Clover’s ability to assign tables to servers, manage ordering, and personalize their diners’ experience by maintaining a record of previous orders. When coupled with the support of a merchant payment processing partner, the Clover has received rave reviews for the services it delivers.

A stylish POS system for any size business

But while the Clover features a designer look and state of the art technology, it’s not just for large restaurants and pricey retail locations. This ultra modern cash register is ideal for any business that requires merchant processing services. The sleek touch screen features a customizable menu from which you can select the applications you need, such as inventory control, employee shift management, and sales reports. And managers will appreciate the ability to track every aspect of their business from a remote location through the cloud-based system. In fact, his one-stop merchant payment and tracking technology may be the best POS system on the market today.

Merchant services that will make your life easier

Of course, as impressive as the Clover POS is, it cannot be fully functional without the support of a qualified merchant services organization. One of the few merchant account providers selected to be a Clover partner, Merchant Bancard Services has been processing payments for over 30 years. Offering competitive rates, reasonable fees, and reliable customer support, MBN has earned its reputation as one of the best providers in the industry. Let MBN and the Clover POS help you take your business to the next level. Contact MBN today to find out how you can get started.

4 Dec

How to compare merchant accountproviders

When making comparisons between merchant account providers, there are several key factors to consider. In addition to looking at costs – the rates charged both for payment processing and equipment – it’s extremely important to research the history of the provider.

The quickest way to get a feel for a merchant account provider’s general level of excellence is to check into their background. How long have they been in the business? Will you get personalized attention when initiating your new payment processing system. Once it’s up and running, can you expect 24-hour technical assistance should you have any questions or issues? Finally, in order to get a good idea of their reputation among their competitors, read customer reviews.

Merchant Bancard Network (MBN) is very proud to say that they are certainly not a newcomer to the field of merchant account services and programs. With more than 20 years in payment processing and over 70,000 customers served, MBN is an industry leader. The answer to all of the above questions is a resounding yes. And in terms of how our current customers would rate our services, please visit our website to read their positive reviews.

Rates aren’t the most important thing

When determining the quality of merchant account providers, rates are simply one aspect in a long list of requirements. In fact, this aspect of the merchant provider business doesn’t even fall near the top of the list. That slot would be filled with strength of the provider’s security measures.

Data thieves and hackers are constantly finding new ways to breach your security and steal financial information. At MBN, we work closely with our merchants to prevent this kind of fraud. Like maintaining PCI compliance, this is not a stagnant process but rather one that is constantly in need of fine-tuning to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

One of the ways we do this is to have a system of alerts in place. Should we detect even the smallest hint of a security breach, we will pass this information on immediately to give you the best chance of catching it before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Security your competitors trust

As one of the premier merchant account providers in existence today, MBN is committed to offering our merchants the most secure, easy and cost-effective options for payment processing. We are always improving website security measures while staying competitive with our pricing. Along with a sterling reputation, we offer some of the best rates, hardware and software, and personalized attention of any of our competitors.

Contact us or visit our website today to see what MBN can do for you.