24 Mar

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

The advancement of technology has changed the way businesses accept customers’ payment. From cash to cards to smartphones, consumers expect to be able to use their preferred payment method while shopping, and businesses will want to ensure they have the necessary machines so they don’t miss out on sales.

But what about customers who aren’t going to brick-and-mortar stores? Is your business able to accept payments from online shoppers? Let’s take a closer look at the importance of ecommerce credit card processing and the options you have.

Why ecommerce credit card processing?
While some shoppers are still willing to drive to the store to get what they need, online shopping has become a popular way to make purchases as well, letting consumers shop from the comfort and convenience of their home, office, or wherever they may be.

Ecommerce credit card processing is now a vital part of trading for many businesses and ensures you’re able to accept payment from customers who are shopping from their computer or phone rather than in person. As you know, meeting customers’ needs is crucial to growing your business, and having the proper payment processing equipment will help you accomplish this.

Why work with a specialist?
Consumers want to be able to make online purchases but have concerns around the security of online transactions. As a business owner, you’ll also want to minimize the risk of fraud. That’s why it’s important to work with a specialist – they’ll talk with you to better understand your business and needs, then help you select the right credit card payment gateway that addresses these concerns and more.

As experienced providers of merchant credit card services, we’re always pleased to assist. Whether you need a sophisticated internet credit card processing system or need basic help with how to accept credit cards, we have the information and equipment you need.

Our ecommerce credit card processing options include:

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and internet auction sites. These solutions are designed to save time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses.
Authorize.net helps you fight fraud through their Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, which includes 13 configurable fraud filters. Their Customer Information Manager allows customers to keep information on file for future orders, including billing, payment, and shipping info, and the Automated Recurring Billing features gives customers flexibility in how they want to pay.
With Authorize.net, you can also submit online invoices to customers’ emails and add a convenient “Buy Now” button to your website.

With 1stPayGateway, you can transact secure, real-time credit card, ACH payments and cash. There’s no expensive software necessary – just log into the online terminal from any computer. 1stPayGateway allows you to manage multiple MIDs, locations and users through one payment gateway as well as manage ecommerce, retail and MOTO transactions all in one place.
With 1stPayGateway’s Virtual Terminal, you can accept payments while ensuring that transaction information is kept safe. The Virtual Terminal also offers recurring billing, which lets you set up a payment plan that makes sense for your business.
1stPayGateway’s payment page features a quick and easy setup and a customizable look and feel. The social media integration allows you to accept payments from your Facebook page, and the automated reporting gives you a closer look at payments. The customer portal and tokenization option allows customers to securely store their payment information, and a free SSL certificate is included.

PaymentSphere is a secure, simple user-friendly solution that allows retailers to manually submit credit card transactions using a personal computer with an internet browser. The retailer may use multiple computers in multiple locations running transactions through one merchant account, while the daily batching and reports are produced from a single location.
PaymentSphere enables you to accept all major forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex credit cards as well as checks on a single gateway. With the recurring billing option, you can set up subscriptions and allow customers to pay via credit card or check on a recurring schedule. If you want to get a closer look at your transactions and account, you can do so with the online reporting feature, which allows for accounts with multiple users as well as email invoicing and an online portal. PaymentSphere also offers a free mobile app where you can process your transactions from the convenience of your smartphone.

ShopKeep is an iPad Point of Sale system, but ‘Point of sale’ barely scratches the surface of what ShopKeep does. ShopKeep is a full business management solution that consolidates everything from inventory to staffing to accounting for your business.
ShopKeep was created by a merchant to give you faster sales, automated stock management, and streamlined insights to make it easier for you to grow your business.
The modern register software features a customizable register layout and lets you capture customer email addresses. The POS enables you to accept all payment types, and the hardware setup takes only minutes. The POS software includes a variety of features to help you with labor tracking, accounting, sales reporting and more.

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Why work with Merchants Bancard Network?
Our founder started MBN with the philosophy of putting relationships with customers first and providing personalized solutions, and we follow that belief system to this day. We will always provide you with exactly what you need and never sell you anything you don’t. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide payment processing solutions to merchants in virtually every industry across the U.S. We offer reliability, security, confidence and cutting-edge technology.

Technology and trends change fast, and it can feel overwhelming to try to keep up. Still, having the necessary technology in place to be able to accept your customers’ preferred payment methods is a must if you’re trying to grow your business. In today’s modern age, it’s important to consider ecommerce and the impact that accepting online payments can have on your bottom line. Don’t miss out on sales – contact us and let us help you choose the right ecommerce credit card processing system for you!

11 Mar

Google Pay: What It Is and Why You Should Care

What’s the most convenient way to pay? Cash? Card? Everyone has their own preferred payment method, and as a merchant, it’s important you’re able to accept a variety of payment types. By doing so, you help improve your customer experience by meeting customers’ expectations, as well as ensure you don’t miss out on sales due to being limited in the kinds of payments you’re able to accept.

One popular payment method is Google Pay, a type of mobile wallet. Is your business able to accept this payment type? If it’s not, you may want to reconsider.

What is a mobile wallet?
A mobile wallet is a type of mobile app that allows the user to store credit card information and more on their smartphone. The user can then use the mobile wallet to transfer money to friends, make online purchases, and even make in-store purchases. Some of the more popular mobile wallets include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. In order to accept payments via Google Pay or any other mobile wallet, merchants must have machines with the proper functionality.

What is Google Pay?
Google Pay is a type of mobile wallet that lets users save cards to their Google Account, allowing users to quickly and simply pay on websites, in apps, and in brick-and-mortar stores. Payment information is protected with multiple layers of security, so users can feel confident that their info is safe. Additionally, Google Pay allows users to send or request money from friends, benefit from rewards programs, and conveniently store tickets. It’s available on Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

How it’s used
First, users add their card information to the app. Users can do this by taking a photo of their card, or entering the information manually. Google Pay will then ask the user to verify the card information. Google Pay works with thousands of payment providers and banks, including American Express, Chase, USAA and more.

Pay online or in an app
When online shopping or making purchases in an app, users can check out using Google Pay. A Google Pay button will appear for the user to click, then prompt the user to select which card they’d like to pay with. Users can also add a new card and save the information for future use.

Send and receive money
Google Pay users can quickly send money to other people, even those who don’t have the Google Pay app. The other person only needs to have an email address or phone number. Google Pay users can also receive money from other people and have the money go directly to their bank account. Plus, Google Pay doesn’t charge the user any fees to send or receive money.

Pay in stores
When making purchases in person, the user simply unlocks their phone and holds it over the payment processing terminal until a check mark appears. The app does not need to be opened first in order to make a payment.

Using Google Pay offers users a variety of benefits, including convenience, security, and rewards.

Using Google Pay – as well as other mobile wallets – is very convenient for the customer. Since the customer can pay using their phone, there’s no need to search through a physical wallet, dig through a purse or take the time to write a check.

Using Google Pay is also secure. During in-store purchases, Google Pay uses an encrypted number rather than the user’s actual card number to help keep data safe. If the customer loses their phone, they can use Find My Device to remotely find, lock and erase their phone to help keep data safe.

Rewards and cash back
With Google Pay, users can continue to earn rewards and cash back as well as get the protections offered by their bank or PayPal. They can also add loyalty programs from places like Walgreens and Panera to continue collecting points.

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Why you should accept Google Pay
It’s clear that using Google Pay offers customers a variety of benefits. Similarly, by being able to accept Google Pay as a payment method, you’ll be able to reap benefits as well.

Google Pay is already being accepted by big-name stores, apps, transit authorities, and more. Customers are getting used to being able to pay this way, and it may become even more common. If a customer expects to be able to pay using Google Pay and you’re not able to accept their payment, you’re not meeting your customers’ needs. Alternatively, if you have the proper payment processing equipment to accept Google Pay, you can provide an even better experience for your customers. Being able to accept Google Pay also ensures you don’t miss out on sales just because you can’t accept a certain payment type.

How to accept Google Pay payments
In order to accept Google Pay and other mobile wallet payments, you’ll need to have the proper payment processing equipment. Luckily, there are a variety of options to choose from to meet your needs. The VeriFone VX520, for example, is a retail credit card machine that is equipped with NFC capabilities. (NFC means Near Field Communication. An NFC reader is able to wirelessly communicate with a phone’s mobile wallet.) The Clover is a Point of Sale System that is able to accept Google Pay, along with more traditional forms of payment.

At Merchants Bancard Network, we’re happy to work with you to better understand your business needs and determine the payment processing machine that will be the best fit.

While cash may have once been the payment method of choice, consumers now have a variety of options when it comes to making purchases. Google Pay is one of those options – and a popular one at that. It offers users a variety of conveniences and benefits, and is something you’ll want to be able to accept in your store. Doing so will help you provide an excellent customer experience as well as ensure you’re not needlessly missing out on sales. Let us help you find the right payment processing machine – visit our website to learn more or contact us.