17 Feb

POS systems for 2015

Most merchants are aware by now that they will need to be able to accommodate mobile payments by October, 2015. This means that you’ll need to look into updating your point of sale (POS) system to be able to read devices such as smartphones and credit cards outfitted with a computer chip, known asEMV cards.

The good news for you as a merchant is that the modern POS systems can do a lot more than simply read these new payment methods. They provide a valuable service by recording and assimilating data real-time, and performing analysis on everything from inventory to the ROI on a particular product or service you offer.

Merchant Bancard Network (MBN) is not just a payment gateway service. They also offer the new most advanced POS systems and software you’ll need in order to meet the 2015 deadline for accepting the new payment methods. Your MBN agent can also assist you in your marketing efforts to inform your mobile consumers about this exciting change in payment technology on the horizon.

Mobile payment processing

The current mobile ecommerce trends are moving more and more toward a paperless economy. As a merchant, you are likely already accepting payments on your mobile website and submitting the receipt via email. But what about at your place of business? How can you update point of sale hardware to get in line with the paperless sales method?

More than 50% of Americans currently own smartphones, and some businesses have jumped on this trend by allowing their customers to use them to pay for purchases. An example is Starbucks; customer’s can load their store credit card onto their iphone or other device and scan it a the register to pay for purchases.

Before you can begin to accept payments made via smartphone, you’ll need to make sure that your point of sale equipment has a responsive design and can work will all the browsers on the market. MBN can help you set up a system that is not only capable of accepting mobile payments, but is safer and faster than the one that reads plastic credit cards.

Bringing your system up to date

In order to be ready for the new method of payment processing accounts in 2015, we recommend that you begin to look into updating your technology today. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you offer surf lessons on the beach, your consumers will be wanting to use their smartphone to pay you in the not too distant future.

Call MBN to find out about a pos systems that is capable of accepting mobile payments. Make sure you’re ready for this latest ecommerce trend by checking out the sleek systems MBN has available to you today.

2 Feb

Should you invest in new orused POS equipment

In order to stay competitive, businesses must constantly update their practices, incorporating the latest advances in customer service and convenience. Today, providing the most up-to-date retail technology means that businesses need to offer customers the option of paying from any area of the establishment. But retrofitting your business to utilize point of sale (POS) technology requires the purchase of additional equipment. So how can you get the best value for your investment?

Merchants Bancard Network, a premier merchant processing provider, offers two viable options for updating your payment receipt capabilities: new POS systems and used POS equipment. Determining which one is best for your business requires careful consideration of all of the options, weighing the pros and cons of each, while factoring in your company’s specific needs.

There are advantages to both

Both new POS equipment and used POS systems have distinct advantages. Used systems have a lower up-front cost, although you may have to pay a fee to have the unit relicensed and update the software. And while it is often difficult to know how the previous owner has used the unit and what the internal condition is, purchasing a used terminal can prove beneficial for some business owners. For example, customers who process over a phone-line only may benefit the most from MBN’s economically priced used inventory of dial-in models.

By contrast, new terminals tend to be more reliable in that they are both long lasting and generally guaranteed by the manufacturer. Additionally, some new credit card machines employ the latest technology and can run the most current software. But these models come with a higher price tag as well. Talking with an MBN representative about which option best fits your retail establishment or restaurant is the best way to make a decision on which route your business should take.

We can help find the match for you

If you are looking to update your credit card terminals, MBN can help. We offer both new and used POS systems, and will work with you to meet all of your specific business needs. MBN can retrofit your business to keep up with the latest technology, and help ensure that you are providing your customers with the best merchant processing services the industry has to offer. Contact a representative today to discuss the options. Let us help you take your business to the next level.