20 Sep

Accept credit card payments using your computer

In today’s market, merchants are aware of the growing reliance of consumers on credit cards as a preferred form of payment. Whether your business is online, on-site or a combination of both, you must have the capability to accept credit cards if you want to stay on top of this trend. With the help of a gateway payment organization such as the Merchants Bancard Network (MBN), you can use your existing computer terminal in combination with a mobile credit card reader to quickly and securely accept credit card payments.

When processing payments through a desktop or laptop computer, the first step is to connect a credit card reader to your computer with a USB cord. This way, the information is automatically transferred when you swipe the customer’s card. As opposed to the old method of hand-keying the information, when you connect to a computer, you save time and ensure the accuracy of your customer’s information.

Along with state-of-the-art credit card reader equipment, MBN will supply a DVD which, when inserted into your computer’s disk drive, installs the mobile credit program. As simple as that, you’ve now turned your computer into a mobile credit card payment processor!

Spend less time with accounting

Most small businesses rely on software-based accounting systems like Quickbooks. Accounting software comes with modules for each area of business accounting; everything from accounts receivables, billing, sales orders, inventory and more. When you accept credit card payments directly through your computer, all of the information is automatically input into the appropriate modules of your accounting system. The integration of your sales and accounting system saves valuable time in terms of having to key information in after each sale.

Start accepting payments fast

When you open up a merchant account with MBN you’ll be surprised at how easily and quickly you’ll be ready to start accepting credit card payments using your computer. MBN provides you with easy, accurate credit card readers, integration software, and the backing of their decades in the industry. And perhaps most importantly, they are unparalleled in their attention to both accuracy and security.

Your customers can rest comfortably, knowing that when they make a purchase their private financial and personal information will be well-protected.

5 Sep

Which Merchant Service is BestFor Your Company?

A business may be designated as entertainment or retail, service or medical. But the truth is no two companies are exactly the same. Your business is unique, and as such, has specific requirements. At Merchants Bancard Network, we specialize in custom payment processing systems designed to meet all of your organization’s needs.

Unlike other payment processing services that may offer a cookie cutter approach, MBN agents work with you to develop a payment system that decreases your company’s bottom line as it increases your customer’s level of satisfaction. These reliable and streamlined custom systems allow for accurate account tracking as well, maximizing the return from your investment.

Get The Service Your Business Demands

Boasting over 20 years in the payment processing industry, MBN offers each merchant account we service the most current technology and payment equipment available, along with an unrivaled level of personal service. MBN accepts all forms of payment, including E-checks, gift cards, TAP payments, smart cards, and all major credit cards, and offers instant approval to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Our custom approach means that your business purchases only the equipment that is best suited to your needs. Are you a dining establishment? We can offer your patrons simple check-splitting options and pay-at-the-table convenience. Perhaps you own a retail store or chain. Let us wow your customers with wireless payment devices that allow them to avoid lengthy checkout lines by bringing the check-out counter to them. From restaurant POS systems to retail credit card terminals and every solution in between, we offer your business the most efficient and reliable way possible to process payments, and provide the best merchant service on the market.

Is Instant Approval Fast Enough?

Today’s savvy customers demand convenience and speed, but not at the expense of service and security. Instant approval is not a benefit to your customer if it puts his or her data at risk. That’s why MBN’s secure cloud network protects sensitive cardholder information, allowing you to accept credit cards with the highest degree of certainty that your customer’s information remains private and secure. Contact an MBN representative today, and let them design an affordable payment solution that is just right for you.